General French Course

Gain confidence in French

This French course is designed to work proportionally on every aspect of the language. The course is suitable for all levels and ages. It allows you to work quite deeply and thoroughly on your skills in :

  • Pronunciation and reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening comprehension

…we will pay special attention to specific areas you need to work on!

During our lessons, a textbook will be used and you will obtain the level you wish. We will discuss everyday situations and you will also know how and what to say if you need to make a phone appointment, go to the bank, speak to a doctor, shop in the bakery, write a letter, etc. The tutor will teach you the language that is relevant to life outside your class and will also provide you with the tools you need to make real progress !

We will determine your language level and will pay special attention to specific areas you need to work on particularly. And certainly, we will develop your grammatical accuracy through oral and written exercises. One of the main objectives of the tutor is to help you to gain confidence when you speak and to let you speak with a good accent. You will practise your French through discussions, dialogues, role-plays, dictations, listening exercises…

Here are some other activities:

  • Review of homework
  • Work on pronunciation
  • Grammar exercises
  • Conversation on topics interesting for the student or on daily-life topics
  • Written and oral exercises for French vocabulary
  • Learning to popular French songs for those who like music

Studying French at will be a great opportunity as you will benefit from having a better career prospects and the possibility of studying or living abroad.

You can choose an appropriate French class package here.