General French Course

Gain confidence in French

This course is designed to work proportionally on every aspect of the French language - pronunciation and reading, listening comprehension, speaking, writing. You will progressively obtain the level you desire... Read more

Exam preparation

Pass your French exam with ease

These classes will help students to prepare for French exams - the DELF/ DALF and the TCF. You will be able to pass some test exams with Alice, to work on eventual weaknesses and to progress!...Read more

Conversational French

Become fluent in French

During this course, students will learn to speak French with confidence. Accents will be developed with good pronunciation. While talking in French, you will learn a lot about some everyday topics; it is also possible to choose to work on a particular theme...Read more

Business French

Be confident in a French business environment

This course is convenient for those who would like to learn business vocabulary, principles and rules of French correspondence and conversation. You can also acquire necessary skills to writing a C.V. and a cover letter in French... Read more

French civilisation

Deep into the great French culture

During this course, we will look closely at French culture as well as at different socio-cultural aspects of life in France. It will help you become familiar with French history, music, literature, etc., while improving your conversational skills… Read more