French civilisation course

Deep into the great French culture

During this course we will look closely at French Music, Paintings, Literature, Gastronomy, History as well as at different socio-cultural aspects of life in France...

It will help you to become very familiar with French culture while improving your conversational skills. We will also look at social rules of correspondence, so that you know how French people communicate in daily life in accordance with the French “savoir-vivre”. French Civilization course is designed primarily for adult students who have, at least, an intermediate level in the French language.

“Civilisation Française” or a French Civilization is a traditional course taught in French Universities

Grammar and vocabulary will be studied too but in close connection with the topic being worked on at the time. Together with Alice, you will learn about and discuss French heritage, using texts and video materials.

This course is ideal for:

  • Future students of French universities, especially of arts’ faculties
  • Those who would like to deeply immerse themselves into French culture
  • Those who apply for French citizenship because a good knowledge of French culture is required

French Civilization or “Civilisation Française” is a traditional course taught in French universities, it will introduce you to the main values and social rules of our country. This will allow you to communicate easier with native French people as well as to integrate successfully into French  society !

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