Exam preparation

Pass your French exam with ease

These classes will help students to prepare for French exams - the DELF, the DALF and the TCF. You will be able to pass some test exams with Alice, to work on eventual weaknesses and to progress!

Alice-Frenchtutor-Online.com specializes in helping students with their DELF / DALF / TCF tests. Thanks to this course, you will gain confidence in written and spoken French in time for your examination. At first, our tutor will identify strengths and weaknesses that you have in French. Then she will eventually set your educational course in accordance with these new goals. Together with Alice, you will have the opportunity to pass several test examinations before the real one which can be passed in one of the examination centers. As a matter of fact, examination centers certifying students are available in 164 countries and are easy to find.

This course is suitable for children from 7 years old and adults, from elementary to advanced level.

Together with the tutor Alice, you will pass several test examinations before the real one

The DELF or Diploma in French Language Studies is an examination of French skills for non-native French speakers. It is composed of 4 levels : A1, A2, B1 and B2. Examinations are available in three varieties: "DELF Prim" - for Primary school students ; "DELF Junior et Scolaire" - for secondary-school aged students; "DELF Tous Publics" - for adults. In each variety of DELF diploma the material is varied and we ensure that you will be prepared for the appropriate level of diploma ! If you have the level above, you are a “Proficient User” and you are certified by DALF.

The DALF or Diploma in Advanced French is composed of two independent diplomas; these correspond to the top two levels : C1 and C2. Level C2 is the highest level attainable and equal to an advanced level. It denotes that the student is fully proficient in the French language.

The tutor will help you to prepare for the DELF or the DALF, by developing your skills in:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing
  • Speaking

The TCF (French knowledge test) is a language test for non-native speakers of French. It focuses on the reading, listening and language structures - which are mandatory sections in this test - while writing and speaking are optional sections. Together with Alice, you will develop each of these skills. The TCF test may be taken by students over 16 years old and there are more than 700 centers all over the world. The TCF assesses level from A1 to C2. You can pass TCF test for the following reasons:

  • Application for French citizenship
  • Application for a permanent residency card
  • Job applications or a promotion
  • Admission into universities, art schools, colleges, architecture schools, business schools, etc

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