Learn to speak French fluently!

Bonjour à tous ! Alice, a certified French tutor and a native speaker, provides a range of French classes online on Skype or by phone, directly from France. In order that you can successfully start your personal or business project in connection with France or another francophone country...

We offer one-to-one individual or group French lessons. Duration: 30 or 60 minutes. Our rates vary between 15-35 euros per class. It is possible to book an introductory class or a plan package. Please go to this page to get more information.

Among different French language courses , we propose a conversational French course that will allow you to speak the language fluently with a near-native accent. We also prepare students to pass French language exams - DELF/DALF and the TCF. Our private live Skype lessons will help you to master the written and spoken language at the desired level. Every French lesson is structured and enjoyable, you will benefit from a high level of tuition as if you were taking lessons with us on the ground. Our Skype classes are of the same quality as the classes that we provide in Paris (France).

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries : if you have a question or you’d like to enroll and to start lessons.

À bientôt et bonne journée! :-)

Why study French?

A language of culture and arts

French is an international language and the most-learned one worldwide, after English. It's a language for travelling because France is a first tourist destination in the world. It attracts more than 80 million visitors every year! When you have good French speaking skills, it is much more enjoyable to visit beautiful regions of France as, for example, la Côte d'Azur, la Provence, les Alpes du Nord and, certainly, Paris.

French offers a huge number of resources that are available for the student. It is also the language of international relations. By learning French you will immerse yourself in the world of Francophonie and will be able to communicate with francophones from all over the world: with partners, with employers and employees, with friends. French people will appreciate it a lot when they hear you speaking their language and you will want to return to France one more time... More information is available in the Blog.

French on Skype

Live lessons by video conferencing

Learning on Skype is easy and accessible for everybody who has a computer and a webcam. alice-frenchtutor-online.com offers French individual and group classes online because it is one of the most convenient ways of studying a language with a native-speaking tutor. You can learn and keep learning from your home or workplace and even if you are on a holiday or on a trip.

If you need Skype, you can easily download it here. Getting started is easy and here are some steps that you will experience when you’d like to enroll.

A few steps

A few steps to fluency in French

You have the choice to book a first introductory lesson or a package of lessons. The information about French lesson packages is available here and payment can be done through our site. You need to contact our tutor and schedule your lessons using a contact form. We try to be flexible and will choose a time for the class that will be convenient for you, taking into account time differences between our countries.

At this stage you will also receive e-mail and Skype details needed for your upcoming class. If you have questions prior to booking French lessons, please, feel free to ask the tutor.

Our French lesson

Structured and enjoyable

Alice-FrenchTutor-Online.com provides you with a high-quality French tutoring service. Our experienced tutor offers individual and group classes that have a methodical approach and are convenient both for children and adults, with no age limit. Normally, during the class, a French textbook will be used and extra materials will be provided to you. There will be enough interesting activities to maintain a high level of interest in learning and to teach you the fluency in French ! These activities may vary depending on the particular language course you have chosen.

  • Review of homework
  • Phonetic exercises, necessary for a correct pronunciation of beautiful French words
  • Conversation on daily-life topics or other topics interesting to the student
  • Written and oral exercises for vocabulary or grammar

We will also work quite deeply and thoroughly on your skills in:

  • Pronunciaton and reading
  • Listening comprehension
  • Speaking
  • Writing